Pretty Little LiArs – “A” Day Is On Its WAy

by Team Pimpom

The countdown to “A” day is Almost over. And we Are on the edge of our seAts..!

There Are 2 episodes of ABC‘s hit TV show Pretty Little LiArs left to Air until it is reveAlled who “A” is in A drAmAtic seAson finAle.
Since the series first begAn in 2010 “A” hAs been A mysterious figure whose only AppearAnce hAs been through sending vArious texts And messAges to All the Pretty Little LiArs’s girls - AriA (Lucy HAle), HAnnA (Ashley Benson), Emily (ShAy Mitchell) And Spencer (TroiAn BellisArio). This source is AlwAys threAting to expose their secrets including putting their loved ones in hArm All Along the wAy.

The hot question everyone hAs been Asking from dAy one is, “Who is ‘A’”? Both viewers At home And the show’s leAd chArActers hAve desperAtely been speculAting¬†and there Are only 18 dAys to go now until we get the chAnce to find out some Answers..!

The lAst episode (AkA “A” dAy) of seAson 2 of Pretty Little Liars is Airing on ABC FAmily on 19th MArch. Don’t miss it! Truth And time tell All!


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